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Our goal is to assuage student’s concerns by helping them recognize, in a lighthearted way, that going on a date just isn’t that complicated, scary, old-fashioned, or awkward.

We want students to learn for themselves that their romantic lives don’t have to be dictated by campus norms; they can step outside the hookup culture box and try a novel way of getting to know someone – by taking them on a date.

This year, as part of the campaign, we’ve compiled a full list of twenty-eight dating pro tips as a dating guide for students.

In addition to encouraging them to start dating, we wanted to provide them with “How-to” instructions.

A source close to De Vitto confirmed to ET that the 31-year-old actress started dating the 33-year-old dancer after mutual friends set them up on a blind date. "They're having fun." partner Mischa Barton last month -- attended the Philosophy Hope & Grace Luncheon for Mental Health Month on Thursday in Los Angeles, California, and an onlooker told ET that the two were "quite close," even holding hands as they left the event for a dinner date.

De Vitto spoke about her battle with anxiety at the luncheon, and when she was finished, Chigvintsev -- who was seated at the same table as her -- was seen sweetly hugging and kissing her on the cheek.

It’d be one thing if we were occasionally hanging out (or even becoming fuck buddies), but that never happened.

I’d invite him over, but his phone always “died omg so sorry.” Every time I was ready to dismiss him, though, he’d find some way to make his presence known.

It's totally OK." co-stars have been very understanding about her struggle with anxiety.

Dating 101: Pro Tips Dating 101: Pro Tips (Spanish) You don’t have to be a college student to spread the #Bring Dating Back message!

Go Pro and Red Bull just announced an official partnership in the form of a multi-year deal that will include distribution, product innovation, content production and much more.

So I would ping him occasionally, just enough to pique his interest and dangle the carrot of a possible relationship without ever actually following through with plans.

To use a sports metaphor (my first ever), he would be on the roster but not in play; I’d decided to bench him.

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