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After a lifetime of doing the Lord’s work, Bob was called to his heavenly reward last Aug. Bob came to Amherst in 1943, stayed for a short time and then spent two years in the Cavalry.At Amherst he was a math major and member of Alpha Delt. Atchison My intention was to write about race and racism.I am an African American pastor in a predominately white denomination.Most recently, his efforts with his local church and others had been to welcome and affirm people of all sexual orientations, races and economic status. Surviving are two daughters, two sisters and three grandchildren. In addition to Elizabeth, he is survived by a daughter, Karen Harris Hvenegaard, and her husband, Niels; a son, Christopher Harris, and his wife, Alice Sajdera; a stepdaughter, Anne Flemings Keuper, and her husband, John; a stepson, Peter Flemings, and his wife, Ann; and grandchildren Jesse, Sean, Emily, Christina and Nicholas. He seems to have had a flair for bold business moves. 28 and produced two children: Patricia Louise Plunkett, born in 1964, and William Haake Plunkett, born two years later. The Plunketts subsequently traveled around the continent by train.He was predeceased by Fidelia, and by a son, William; a brother, George; and a sister, Charlotte. He was predeceased in death by his brothers, Peter and John. In 1981 he dismantled his VW agency building, retaining only the auto leasing part of the enterprise, and built a large apartment complex on the site. Bill exhibited a conservative and nostalgic side in the pieces he wrote for our 35th and 50th reunions, lamenting Amherst’s decisions to end its role as an all-male institution and to abolish fraternities.A wise and much beloved counselor, he focused on community service and promoting cooperation between denominations and clergy of different faiths. He practiced in law firms in New York City and as a private practitioner in housing for the poor, until his retirement in 1993. We met again years later, recuperating in Spaulding Rehab Hospital after serious events in Massachusetts General Hospital. He was a graduate of the Los Angeles prep school Harvard Military Academy. At Amherst he was a social fellow who made friends easily. After a brief stint selling used Studebakers, he was elevated to general manager of the Studebaker agency.Much of his work in Enfield was on the delivery of mental health and medical services. He managed to fit in a fair amount of travel, including to the West Coast and the Abacos in the Bahamas as well as to the family cottage in Maine. After the death of his first wife, Joan Weidemann Harris, Jim moved to Cambridge, Mass. Jim enjoyed traveling, mostly in Europe with a stop in Denmark to visit his family. In 1963 he bought a Volkswagen agency in Sunland, which was his principal livelihood for two decades.

I dared to be a clergywoman in her 30’s, whose ordination was not preceded or followed by a wedding, or children.

"I don't feel like an intruder living here, because the state gave it to me, and before I had nothing."Her neighbor, Raul Cabot Blanco, says the house he lives in belonged to "El Americano," according to his parents, although he wasn't even born when the home was confiscated and turned over to his family.

Family lore, he says, has it that the home was a gift.

ISLA DE LA JUVENTUD, Cuba (AP) — Fidelia Rodriguez looks at photos of the Smith family, the Americans who once owned the home she has lived in all her life.

She lives behind the big house where the Smiths raised their children, a property now owned by the Cuban state. She was just 11 years old in 1960, with Cuba engulfed in revolutionary fervor, when armed men stormed the Smith home and told Rodriguez's father that it was being confiscated by the revolution.

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